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Rocky Mountain National Park Superintendent - (970) 586-1206
Rocky Mountain National Park Information [recorded message only] - (970) 586-1333
Rocky Mountain National Park Backcountry Office - (970) 586-1242

Northern Colorado U.S. Forest Service Offices - Click Here for Contact Information


Rocky Mountain National Park
The official National Park Service site for Rocky Mountain National Park

Detailed Map of Rocky Mountain National Park
The National Park Service map for Rocky Mountain National Park (.pdf format)

Recent Press Releases for Rocky Mountain National Park
View recent official press releases issued by the National Park Service

Indian Peaks Wilderness and Public Lands near R.M.N.P.
Contact information for the U.S. Forest Service districts serving the areas around Rocky
Mountain National Park, including the Indian Peaks, Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests.


Rocky Mountain National Park Forums

A Rocky Mountain National Park website that includes a bulletin board forum and updated information and press releases relating to the park.

Estes Park Weather
A full weather page from Greg Truta, including forecasts and webcam for Estes Park.
A site dedicated to Rocky Mountain National Park that includes photo galleries, maps, and detailed camping information.

Around Colorado
A collection of photography, trip reports and bulletin board posts inspired by the quest to discover Colorado's great wild and scenic destinations.

Mountain Drama
Dixie Manning's informative site with photography and resources related to R.M.N.P.

Hike Rocky
R.M.N.P. photos and trip reports from Brad Mirakian.

Rocky Mountain National Park - The High Peaks
A large collection of photographs showing the many faces of R.M.N.P.'s numerous mountains, this site is a good resource for summit enthusiasts look for help in route planning.


"Rocky Mountain National Park: The Complete Hiking Guide", by Lisa Foster.
A newer guide that is the most complete published R.M.N.P. resource, including many
photographs and descriptions of both popular and less popular destinations.

"Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking Trails", by Kent and Donna Dannen.
The traditional hiking guide to the R.M.N.P. and Indian Peaks area, this book is an outstanding
resource for hikers of all skill levels.

"Rocky Mountain National Park: Classic Hikes and Climbs", by Gerry Roach.
This book is an outstanding resource for technical climbers and hikers wanting to reach popular or remote summits in R.M.N.P.

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