I created www.thespiritoftherockies.net in 2003 to share my hiking and photography experiences. I built this site from scratch and do my best to find time to maintain it with fresh content. Hopefully, visitors to this site can feel some of the spirit of great places, even when it is impossible to be there in person.

I am currently using Canon digital cameras and lenses that range from 16mm to 500mm. With modern software, many post-production options are available to photographers. My personal philosophy is to make minimal use of software and only try to reproduce the natural light and color of the original scene. All images are therefore single exposure, rather than blends of multiple images, and I do not use HDR effects. I prefer to remain true to nature rather than altering images in the name of artistic statement.

All photographs on the website are my own, and therefore protected by copyright laws. Individual prints or rights to commerical use of images are available by contacting me through the E-mail link. Spirit of the Rockies, Inc., which I founded in 2005, also offers professional photography services.

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Mike Amfahr